The Futreeristics

What are the Futreeristics?

Futreeristics are a bunch of trees from the future, trying to survive in a world where green is no more by adapting themselves to the environment. The project will have its own burn mechanism called operation campfire 101, 80% of the royalties will go to a vault where the funds will be used to buy back the floor and burn them. The other 20% will go to our community vault, the DAO has full control over these.

In the phase 3 of our roadmap, we will make an interactive futuristic world where you will be able to play with your Futreeristic, going through a set of quests and such. You will be living in a small city called “Futreeristica” fighting against humans for your survival. Holders will receive a meta drop which will give them a direct pass to Futreeristica. We will also compose stories (lore) now and then, to give a background to the futreeristics.

Lengendary 1 of 1s

Legendary 1 of 1s are unique animated Futreeristics that are equipped with their very own traits separate from anything in the collection. These legendary pieces can be made as honorary 1 of 1s for influencers/members or made to be auctioned off to the public. If you own one of these, you are a god like individual.

The artist’s futreeristic
Sol sniper’s honorary 1 on 1

Our inspiration

Most tree based NFT projects provide little to no utility and offer basic roadmaps like charity, merch and DAO, not that these things are bad or anything, just basic. We thought that the idea of trees mixed with the future/cyber vibe would be good idea, two opposites, like yin and yang. We have been kind of obsessed with NFTs with a futuristic feel over here at futreeristic HQ. The campfire 101 burning mechanism worked perfectly with the tree idea (use the trees as fire wood).

Our Artist

Having a custom artist is crucial for a project to do well. This is why we hired a custom artist from “Behance”(platform for artists to share their art). He has been doing pixel art for many years and has experience in other art types. He is also skillful with pixel animations. We will leave a link to his Behance profile at the end of the article.

Is he qualified to conceive our metaverse? Yes! Our artist has been the designer for small games in the past! He knows how to make animations, landscapes and more! This is one of many reasons why we hired him.

What is the Tree Council?

The DAO aka the Tree council plays a huge role for the community and for the development of the project. These individuals will vote on things like what we should do with the DAO vault funds, decide where the lore should go, choose when we should sweep the floor and a lot more. Only Futreeristic holders will be able to partake in these decisions. The DAO will also have access to see what we (the team) are doing behind the curtains.

What is the Trunk Org?

Trunk Organization is our Discord DAO. We have 3 set of roles in this DAO. Server boosters, the VIP trees and the trunks. These roles give you access to a private channel with secret content. How do I obtain these roles? Level up!


There will be two vaults, The Futreeristic bank and the DAO funds. The Futreeristic bank who will accumulate 80% of the royalties will be used to sweep and burn the floor (operation campfire 101). The DAO funds will receive 20% of the royalties and will be controlled by the tree council (DAO).

What will we build our metaverse on?

Some of you might know that the Unity game engine is one of the biggest engines for building games, apps, etc. They have something called the Unity-Solana wallet, which connects the Solana blockchain with game developers. We plan on building on it because it is fairly simple to use with the right game development knowledge and because it is open source with NFT support. You also do not need a lot of experience with smart contracts and blockchain transactions.

How exactly will we burn the trees?

Name: Operation Campfire 101

80% of the royalties will be sent straight to a designated wallet for floor sweeping

The Tree Council (Futreeristic holders) will decide when to sweep, when to burn and will also be able to stop the burning

The only way to burn a NFT is to decrease a specific account’s token balance. This process removes a token from circulation permanently and can be verified on chain by any user. Here’s more information on this process

Stage 0 (Pre-launch)

  • Giveaway whitelist spots to DAOs in the space.
  • Launch Trunk Org. (discord DAO).
  • Art collaboration with projects and make influencer custom 1 on 1s.
  • Metaverse art reveal
  • Fill out our whitelist for the presale.

Stage 1 (launch)

  • Release 1,500 Futreeristics on Solana.
  • Add secondary marketplace.
  • Accumulate royalties in the Futreeristica bank (80%).
  • Put 20% of royalties in the Tree Council (DAO) vault.
  • Buy back the floor on the marketplace an burn them in the campfire.
  • DAO decides what to do with the community funds (20%).

Stage 2 (integrations)

  • Start wring lore.
  • Launch the Tree council (holder DAO)
  • Release custom 1 on 1s for holders.
  • Legendary Futreeristic auctions (goes to the DAO vault).
  • The Futreeristic games
  • 2nd collection, the “meta drop” will be airdropped to holders.

Stage 3 (In our future integration, the metaverse)

  • Futreeristica…..


These are the fundamentals of our project and we want to make so much more. Even if we did not mention it, building a community is 100% in our main focuses. We will give as much advantages to the holders as possible and will always keep the discord updated with the necessary information to be aware of what is happening at futreeristic HQ behind the curtains of our socials.


Thank you for going out of your way to read this article :)




1,500 trees from the future getting burned by cyborgs, building the Metaverse on Unity and accumulating royalties for degens.

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1,500 trees from the future getting burned by cyborgs, building the Metaverse on Unity and accumulating royalties for degens.

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